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Siena My Love, by Tom Bisogno

Michael Ventura became an American singing sensation at 18, selling out large concert venues around the world by performing the old standards and love songs by the celebrated crooners who entertained millions of fans.

Michael’s life was a roller coaster of acclaim, love, and loss. But when his grandfather needed him, he came back to help at his family vineyard near Siena, Italy where as a 10-year-old, he first met feisty Sophia. Because of their language barrier, Sophia had asked her mother to call the “polizia” on the intruder. Despite the misunderstanding, the two became fast friends during his summer visits until an unexpected adolescent awkward moment during the Palio in Siena.

In Siena My Love, we experience Michael and Sophia’s successes, failures, and disappointments, and two childhood friends who were on different career and relationship paths until Michael was called back to Tuscany.

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