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Sipping Sunlight, by Bernard Ross

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the wild and transformative landscape of the 60s, a time of free love and psychedelic exploration. The memoir begins with a prediction by a spiritual Black woman, which leads Ross to become an acidhead on the Lower East Side of New York. Fueled by profound LSD experiences, he initiates a spiritual quest to find the meaning of life. Woven within Ross’s narrative is the inspiring tale of his parents’ survival during the Holocaust and their arduous quest for a visa to America.

After living on the Lower East Side, Ross relocates to Timothy Leary’s Millbrook mansion. He then moves to Canada and lives in a commune in northern British Columbia, where he builds a cabin and lives primarily off the land. He survives multiple arrests (without convictions) and a few close calls with death (one by a grizzly bear!).

This extraordinary journey continues at an ashram in India, where a deep yearning for self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment emerges. Amid the experiences, he encounters numerous miracles, gains profound spiritual insights, and survives three marriages. Remarkably, even as he attains entrepreneurial success, his quest for higher knowledge remains unquenchable, fueled by the unwavering love, grace, and guidance of God and his gurus.

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