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Skinny Vanilla Crisis, by Colleen Alles

Middle-aged high school English teacher Holden Averett is gearing up for a well-deserved break. Finally, a relaxing summer spent napping and soaking in the West Michigan sun. Until, that is, his wife of 18 years drops a bomb on the last day of school: move out by the end of the week. Sophia wants a trial separation. She also might be in love with someone else.

Spinning from the shock and desperate to fill his unexpectedly fraught summer, Holden takes a job as a barista at a coffee shop in a strip mall. His hopes to stay anonymous while he convinces Sophia to take him back are dashed when in walks a woman from his past—a woman he barely remembers at first. A charming woman. An enchanting woman. In other words, a woman who changes everything.

“In the comedic, cappuccino-frothy SKINNY VANILLA CRISIS, English teacher Holden gets thrown out of his comfortable, stable home by his wife who’s got her eye on someone new–yet this midlife disaster just might be the new chapter he’s been waiting for.”

~Kristina Riggle
Author of Real Life & Liars and Vivian in Red
USA Today bestselling author

“Holden Averett’s summer misadventures in Skinny Vanilla Crisis are both hilarious and heartbreaking. Despite Holden’s missteps and dreamy middle-aged ennui, you can’t help but root for his honest, espresso-fueled journey to self-awareness, culminating in a surprising and satisfying redemption. Best if read with a good cup of coffee!”

~E.A. Quinn
Author of The Billionaire’s Bodyguard


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