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Skylark Dancing, by Olivia Godat

When Alondra and Felipe meet, they each want only one thing: Alondra wants to go to St. Louis to find her birth family, and Felipe wants to deliver his prize stallion to his ranch in New Mexico.

Captain Baca of the Mexican army wants each of them: Alondra for stabbing him and Felipe for refusing to give him his prize stallion. Together, with their companions Lalo and Clory, they race across Texas, pursued by the Mexican Army, battling the elements, and hiding from the Comanche and Apache.

Each mile finds them falling deeper and deeper in love. Even though Felipe has been committed to an arranged marriage since a child, he gives Alondra the silver bracelet the men in his family traditionally give their intended bride. When they meet, his aristocratic family treats Alondra with disdain as she is an inappropriate wife for their only son. She has no last name, her heritage is questionable, and she is a cantina dancer.

Skylark Dancing by Olivia Godat shows that true love and honor can overcome adversity.

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