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Somewhere in the Shadow, by Abib Coulibaly

“Opportunity, Love, and Happiness,” three words that made Amar leave his native country to pursue his dreams in America.

When Amar met Christine, he thought all his dreams were about to come true. Aisha, his childhood sweetheart in Africa, was out of his reach because they did not belong to the same caste. With Christine, life in America was promising, but the clash of cultures, along with an unfolding of hidden secrets, stood between the two young people and their happiness. When Aisha makes an appearance in Amar’s life again, he faces an even bigger challenge. In this battle between past and present, love and principles, Aisha and Christine, will Amar be able to transcend his harsh reality and get ahead in his quest for happiness?

Somewhere in the Shadow, by Abib Coulibaly, highlights the dreams and the uncertainties, the hopes and the sorrows of immigrants stuck between two realities: leaving everything behind and not being able to move forward…yet, never giving up.

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