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Spinning Into Infinity, by Cassandra Kildow

In a world that openly acknowledges the existence of vampires—where every human is terrified to roam the streets at night—why is little Annabelle the only one who isn’t truly afraid?

On the outside, Annabelle Slade seems like a normal child, but she hides a sinister secret that even she is unaware of. At seven years old, Annabelle meets her very first vampire; a tall, gangly boy named Ezekiel, who Annabelle soon realizes is the key to unlocking the truth of her past. As their bond grows, the two discover a terrible truth about Annabelle, that they must keep secret at all costs.

A tale full of twists and turns, a forbidden friendship turned to love, and a chance to do right, despite the fallout. Will Annabelle be able to influence the change her town so greatly needs, or will fear continue to run the human population into the ground?

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