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Staged, by Elsie G. Beya

High flying pop star, Hayden Coulthard, struts off stage mid gig.

Having lived the last decade at the top of the charts, drowning his demons in whiskey and lyrics about his first and true love, Lexi, Hayden has reached his limit with London life. Running home to the Lake District, he is forced to attend rehab where, at her canine therapy centre, Hayden and Lexi find themselves growing closer. Hayden finds himself being pulled in different directions. Does he still want the champagne and caviar of success on stage, or does he leave it behind for Lexi and the quiet rural life? Struggling to find the right answer at the bottom of whiskey bottles, Hayden must decide whether his contractual ties will keep him bound, or if he can cut them to shreds to be with Lexi.

Echoing the weather in the North, Staged by Elsie G. Beya explores the happy smiling sunshine of freedom and love, the dark heavy rain of grief and alcoholism, memories that batter like hail, and ghosts descending like fog from the fells.

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