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STOLEN: Civil War Series, Volume 1, by Rosemary Nichols

“This is the first of what I hope will be a saga about the Van der Peysters, their family illustrating aspects of the Civil War other authors seldom consider. Rosemary has ample experience with the Civil War historical community and knows her history very well indeed.”

– Robert E. Mulligan, Associate Curator of Military History New York State Museum

Fall of 1860. America lurches toward Civil War. Two students on their way to college are kidnapped into slavery. What is their family to do?

When Hannah and Carl vanish in Cleveland, it takes months to learn the two young people are prisoners in New Orleans, scheduled to be sold into slavery on January 5, 1861.

Lincoln has been elected. Southern states are seceding. For Northerners, the streets of New Orleans and its courts are now unfriendly places.

What is a family to do to prevent their cousins from vanishing into the horror of the seceding South?

Take their courage and baggage in hand, and travel to rescue them.

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