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Stolen Lives, by Dee Arianne Rockwood

Sixteen young boys have been kidnapped. The Universal Sex Exploitation Investigation team (USEXI) and their lead investigator, Agent Jade Crystal Stone (better known as Gem), a Shoalin trained mystic Martial Artist, are called in.

Using the vast resources of billionaire William Templeton Frazier, and the Global Police Force he founded, Agent Stone chases the Sex Trafficking Organization responsible around the world. In this action packed thriller, Gem uses her extraordinary Martial and Mystic arts to track down the children, but will she be able to save them?

In Stolen Lives, a Jade Stone novel, Dee Arianne Rockwood—a Shaolin trained Grand Master 6th Degree Black Belt and United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame’s Hall of Heroes inductee—takes us around the globe with a detailed, blow-by-blow investigation. With its subtle and sometimes hidden humor, Stolen Lives takes down a worldwide criminal organization of one of the most troubling crimes of our times: human sex trafficking.

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