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Stranded, by KristaLyn A. Vetovich


Ending the world just got too real.

After Anaya is forcibly Shifted from the spirit realm of Lemayle and into the living world by her soulmate and rival, Jordin, she is about to experience the divine Plan to end the world — now much closer than she ever expected. While being trapped in the physical world means Kade can hear her instantly, he still doesn’t trust what Anaya can’t prove. With time running out and a body that wasn’t built to live in this world, Anaya now faces the challenge of guiding Kade to his destiny before her form gives out and her soul fades forever.

In Stranded, the second installment of the Shifted series, KristaLyn A. Vetovich explores the complications of a spirit guide trying to keep the living world on course, one individual at a time. Stranded dives into what happens when faith isn’t enough, but trust is all you have left.

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