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Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets, by Jackie Collins, Diana Kinared, and Sally Showalter

“Yes– the reader will discover that Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets is a perfect companion for your own writer’s journey. This book is imbued with generosity. There’s a thoughtful, constructive dialogue between the authors, and you, as reader, are invited to the writing table.
This book is the creative journey of three women who write together, who create poetry, story & non-fiction. The reader will find Hands-on ways to: “write outside one’s comfort zone” and shape poetry from “a list of random words plucked out of a book.” Writing prompts will inspire your creativity.
Honest writing-from-the-heart…sensory and delicious! Writing prompts are presented with lush descriptions of meals served with the narratives: “De Vinci ravioli with pine-nut roasted pepper sauce & tiramisu… Spinach Pockets & mom’s Peach Cobbler.””
–Rita Maria Magdaleno – Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth & My Mother.

Writing, melded with dedication and friendship, tied three women together for nearly twenty-five years.

We three are not professional writers. We are women who love to craft words in a variety of ways. A writer is anyone who is compelled to sort out ideas, emotions, and facts of life through the act of writing stories, poems, essays, or journals. Writing expressed in these ways helps the writer examine their life and the universe in which they exist. The beauty of a writers’ group is that you find a safe place to articulate your views, inspirations, and imaginations.

Herein is the arc of our journey as a group with some of our compositions and commentary on the group. We ventured away from our desks, exploring outside our group, diverse avenues for inspiration, together and separately. We hope you enjoy our writing journey as much as we enjoyed putting our discoveries on the page.

Our book is dedicated to those who want to have that safe place to practice the craft of writing with the comradery of other writers who support their efforts.

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