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That Scarlett Bacon, by Mark Johnson, illustrated by Sarah Gledhill

Seven-year-old Scarlett Bacon has a favorite t-shirt. On the front it says, Today I am going to accomplish something great. To Scarlett something great means breaking a world record, whether it is trying to make the world’s largest pop tart, crush apples with her armpits, or grow the longest fingernails. Armed with her book, World Records Even a Kid Can Break, and her best friend Clarence, Scarlett is on a mission to break a world record.

Will she do it? Or will she accomplish something even better?

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Mark Johnson developed a love of story during his childhood. His imagination was turned on by wonderful authors and illustrators. In his work life, he had the privilege to work with children of all colors, ages, shapes and sizes for 22 years. Combining the two seemed like a logical choice, so following his retirement writing stories about and for children became his new love and passion. He now lives in Waterford, Connecticut by the Long Island Sound, a source of peace and tranquillity, with his wife of 46 years, Jill.

Mark previously collaborated with Sarah Gledhill to write Oscar, The Loveable Seagull. This is in e-book form on Amazon and iBook and is being offered in print on Amazon. It is a heart-warming narrative supported by rich, colorful illustrations.

Sarah Gledhill lives in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Having spent decades bouncing around the hot African veld in a Landi, playing with animals and four sons, she is now happily rediscovering the cherished and increasingly fragile worlds that live in Hedgerows and dry stone walls – and playing with the characters, like Scarlett and Clarence, that use her pen to escape onto paper.

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