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The Amazing Grace?, by Walter A Lemmon

Grace High School: An Amazing Place for ALL Kids!

Grace, Oregon, appears to be an ideal setting for raising a family – an amazing place for ALL kids, as touted on the school’s website. However, this picturesque image takes a hit when the new Superintendent of Schools decides to ban all political posters and symbols on school premises. LGBTQ+ Rainbow posters and Black Lives Matter signs are the first casualties.

The superintendent’s decision doesn’t do him any favors in the eyes of the community, especially after he dismisses the high school’s first Black football coach for leading his team in prayer. As tensions rise, a controversial school play featuring questionable characters and themes further deepens divisions within the town.

Grace transforms into a town divided, with factions emerging, each driven by their own political agendas. Everyone claims to want to save Grace, but the question remains: do they truly?

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