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The Blue Whale Sings From Afar, by Josefina Bérard


“Meditative poems gliding on a gentle breeze … A poetry collection as soft as a pastel sky, a murmuration of wings passing by … a place where playful language drops, dangles, and drifts on the wind.”
~ Independent Book Review

The Blue Whale Sings From Afar lyrically captures the magic and mystery found in life’s most meditative moments. Rendered with poignant language and with a poet’s sense of loss and longing, this collection of heartfelt poems listen to the silence of leaves falling from tree branches, watch with awe as white Montgolfiers sail in the sky, and wait with a sense of expectation and hope for the return of a fresh Spring. “Life is parting / With a paused breath,” Bérard writes. These poems tell that tale.

~Colleen Alles, author of After the 8-Ball

Poetry as light as a feather and as deep as the sea.

Verses that flow through the freshness of spring, the passion of summer, the ripeness of autumn and the magic of winter, showing the tiniest details of life and the truest delicacies of love.

In The Blue Whale Sings From Afar by Josefina Bérard we hear a song of words never told with moods and shades of blue and with the enchanting whisper of life and death.

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