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The Bonderson Babies, by Thomas Drish

A Story That Will Electrify Your Heart

After being kicked out of an American orphanage in Los Angeles for aging out on his 18th birthday, a young man named Brogan Bonders finds uncertainty on what lies ahead of him. He decides, through luck and through some unlikely sources, to become an entrepreneur.

He becomes CEO of his own line of dolls called The Bonderson Babies, dolls that look and behave like real life babies. Everything is successful, until a shocking call from a consumer who complains that one of the dolls attacked her. After a thorough investigation into why his computerized dolls have malfunctioned, they uncover an even more shocking discovery, which is the beginning of the deformation of his life. Now, his mental, physical, and emotional states of mind are on the line, as he tries to save his company, his new family, and an abused child. At the heart of this turmoil, an even more distressing revelation is made, followed by a jaw dropping, emotional breakdown. And finally, Brogan learns, all too late, that The Bonderson Babies haven’t even started their real attack, which will end in an explosive, heart pounding, unpredictable climax guaranteed to leave you speechless.

In his debut psychological horror novel, Thomas Drish invites you to a heart-wrenching tale that will stay with you for life.

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