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The Boundaries of Water, by Boone Littlehorse

Rand Garrett was never told the truth about what happened to her real father.

The summer before graduate school, she tells her boyfriend about this missing part of her life. Their conversation yields more questions. Pressing her mother for answers, Rand discovers her father may not be dead, that his whereabouts are not known. Her stepfather enters the conversation and it escalates into an argument distancing Rand, adding to her angst and prodding her curiosity. At her summer job she tells her boss her predicament. In return, she hears about his own father abandoning a wife and four children and how it could have been different had someone simply made the effort to look for him.

In The Boundaries of Water by Boone Littlehorse, we experience Rand’s frustration when the people she trusts most impede her efforts to discover what became of the father she never knew. Go alongside her as she leaves the comfort of her Sedona, Arizona home, family and boyfriend and travels across the country where she encounters a different culture and makes a new friend who helps her find the truth that brought her there.

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