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The Chimera Wolf, by P.A. Power


Austin is an orphaned shifter dropped at the doors of an unknown pack. He was only five when his life changed. Not that he could remember much before the accident.

Now, this is his life. To be raised by the Alpha and Luna, but not equal to their first-born son Brian. Austin often feels like an outsider never truly wanted by this backward pack of werewolves. He is stuck in no man’s land with no one to care for him. He is the packs’ mutt, the butt of all jokes. Worst of all, he is the future alpha’s manservant.

Time will only tell what fate awaits our young shifter. With his eighteenth birthday only months away, will he find his freedom? Will he be forced to flee and go rogue to escape the hell his adopted family puts him through? If he is lucky, someone will finally come forward and claim him. Maybe a grandparent or an uncle, Austin would even settle for his mate at this point if they didn’t come from the Genesis Moon pack of Nebraska. What did the Moon Goddess think when she forged this pack of jerks? Join Austin on his life’s journey as The Chimera Wolf.

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