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The Church of Unrealized Fantasies, by Marilyn Whitehorse

Sweetie Bird Charles knows that the title ‘reverend’ means to show respect, and that, she figures, is due just about everyone. With a simple swipe of the pen, she becomes Reverend herself.

Join in the romp as Sweetie Bird, vagrant for a time, makes her way back to the mental institution she and her doppelganger, Agnes, resort to during the cold months, only to learn that the buildings are being utilized as a university. Subsequently, she is awarded an honorary PhD due to a misunderstanding about the term ‘free knowledge.’ Her prayers for a better life are answered by the fortuitous ditch of lottery tickets and her chance meetings with southern California’s movie stars and classic cars, not to mention a policeman who sets destiny—with a capital D—in motion, reporters, the Governator himself, the university chancellor, the FBI, a homecoming parade, and a thief headed for Grand Cayman Island.

People being people—and stories being stories—there are those who are willing to help the lucky heroine and those who wish to purloin her money. Truth reigns and she is able to fulfill her dream of establishing The Church of Unrealized Fantasies.

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