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The Cottage Witch of Venice, by Ashley Meyer

In the enchanting coastal community of Venice, California, whispers circulate about an extraordinary woman, Marie Leblanc, known to locals as “The Cottage Witch.” Marie, an enigmatic and powerful woman of color, has earned her moniker thanks to her enchanting apothecary storefront. Her mystical talents have endeared her to the townsfolk, yet her reputation is marred by a history entwined with her former husband.

Marie’s life takes a sudden turn when her second husband mysteriously disappears, igniting gossip and rumors throughout town. Haunted by her past and fearing further scrutiny, Marie withdraws into the sanctuary of her apothecary, concealing her magic and evading prying eyes. But destiny has different plans.

As her powers wane and despair looms, an unexpected visitor changes her course, guiding them beyond Millers Apothecary. The world outside her apothecary is rapidly changing, and her community is in turmoil. Witnessing the suffering and resilience of those affected by the Tulsa incident, she grapples with a choice that could either cement her role as a healer and protector or plunge her further into the surrounding chaos.

In The Cottage Witch of Venice, experience a tantalizing blend of mystique, history, and personal growth in a captivating tale of one woman’s journey to define her legacy.

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