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The Cycle of Eden: The Young Revolution, by Daniel Varona

The Darkness cursing Eden’s history has festered long enough. The time for change, a Young Revolution, has come.

Eden is a world of unrecognized history and potential, potential that is found in the heart of this cycle’s prophesied hero, Seth. His mother was historically important to Eden’s previous rebirth. So, when this monarch of good is murdered before Seth’s eyes by his older brother, the young hero is left alone in an Eden spiraling into darkness. Yet, unknown to Seth, there is a gift his mother passed on to him, one that allows the candle of hope to burn ever so dimly. Can this charismatic goofball reclaim Eden like his mother did in the past? However, the Age of Light she created failed. Maybe Darkness is the true path for Eden after all?

In The Cycle of Eden: The Young Revolution we experience the beginning of a fantasy series with many growing characters and intense action sequences that interchange between sighs of relief to heartbreaking tragedies. Daniel Varona’s fast paced style keeps your fingertips eager to turn the next page as you dive into Eden’s intricate storylines that affect the series till the end.

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