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The Cycle of Eden: Two Sides of Corruption, by Daniel Varona

It’s always watching, always listening, always hungry, and It’s inside us all.

Seth, the prophesied Young God destined to revive the Light, finds himself corrupted by his very own brother, the Neo God. Like an addictive drug, the Darkness infecting his soul twists his resolve, transforming him into a carrier of malevolence aiming to deny his gift of salvation to Eden.

However, no one else knows of this parasite, and they must never find out. As Seth struggles to resist the haunting lies etched into his mind, his desperate attempts to survive ultimately result in heinous actions against his loved ones. With each passing moment, the horrible symptoms intensify, driving the hero further into servitude to his brother as they journey toward the ominous Dark Continent.

In The Cycle of Eden: Two Sides of Corruption, Daniel Varona delivers visceral action and delves deeply into the internal conflicts brewing within the heroes, expertly exploring the fragility of trust, teetering on the edge of collapse and creating a suspenseful and thought-provoking narrative.

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