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The Escapist, by Karahn Washington

Meet Mr. Karahn J Washington. I’m a Millenial who was born in the 1990s, the Golden Era of Rap Music. I’m weird, but not in a psychotic serial killer type of way. I’m flamboyant, and reckless. I’m a bit restless. I’m the least chill guy in any of my friend groups. I refer to myself in the 3rd person. Yes, I am that guy. I’m an outsider everywhere I go. I’m the type of guy who will take you places and show you things.

With that being said, I offer to you, The Escapist. As a black man from South Carolina, I begin to see the world for the first time. My travels begin to change myself and my perspective. The world as an adult is much different than what I was raised to believe. I realize that I’m caught in the middle of a changing zeitgeist; old versus new. The old life I was raised to follow where a man gets a mid-level paying job, gets married to a wife, and then they raise children. The new life that I am now enjoying consists of building an empire, being single, and traveling the world.

But no matter how far I travel the world, something keeps bringing me back to South Carolina. Something’s missing, and I know it deep down in me. My travels eventually bring me to a crossroads. I have to choose between living one life or living the other. Each choice will require giving up something. There is no opting out of having to choose. There is no running away from this. Pressures are on me from many sides. How will I respond?

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