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The Exit: Living with Urban Joy, by Jennifer Julien Gaskin

In her debut book, The Exit – Living with Urban Joy, Jennifer Julien Gaskin explores the relationship between joy, faith, and cultural traditions. Through skillful storytelling, she brings her readers on a journey through oppression, challenges, tribulations, and her reinvention by living a life with urban joy.

The Exit compels its readers on a path to understanding, defining a way forward by opening their hearts and spaces to joy, faith, and, ultimately, redemption. Through gritty and sometimes heartbreaking storytelling, Gaskin takes her readers on an uber ride through her pain, trauma, and triumphs by living her life intentionally. She urges readers to reconnect with their humanity and allow themselves to connect with others.

Also, the writer of the Substack newsletter “Bachannal Business” and the founder of the Worcester Caribbean American Carnival Association discusses that for oppressed individuals, joy may not always be found in celebration but rather in small acts of survival and the hope that enables one to continue. This type of joy, urban joy, is intentional and accompanied by a sense of fulfillment; it can be harsh and educational but ultimately gives people the strength to move forward.

Jennifer challenges humanity that words, if used correctly, can change the world, highlighting the role of joy, faith, and connection in preserving humanity. Without a change, humanity is doomed.

Through The Exit, Gaskin aims to empower and inspire readers to live with urban joy.

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