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The Fourth Wall, by Scott Petty

Captain Thomas Jett, a U.S. Army Reservist, volunteers for a tour of duty in Afghanistan, in part to get away from ghosts at home. Things that go bump in the night. In war, he encounters monsters.

Jett is tasked to investigate a mass murder in Kandahar, which people say was not the work of the Taliban. Instead, it was a creature of smoke and fire, perhaps a jinni. As the chaos builds, revealing otherworldly evil, Jett must devise a new approach. He creates an imaginative system for an unconventional, dreamlike kind of conflict, calling his system “The Fourth Wall.”

Author Scott Petty is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Through a phantasmagoric show, Petty reinvents the war novel, interweaving reality with magical and paranormal elements. The Fourth Wall offers a panoramic view of modern warfare…one surreal piece at a time.

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