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The Friendship Quilts, by June Calender

“An engrossing story about generations, with a complex woman at a turning point in her life, returned from exotic travels to the simplicity of rural family and the discovery of deep connections. It showed me layers of life I have not found in other novels.” — M.N.

“Under the sweetness of the story were the little pleasures and griefs, a gentle depth of topics, well done and thought-provoking.” — E.L.B.

In the tiny town of Friendship, Indiana, Liz discovers the subject for her art history thesis: resident Geneva Gardner may be a quilting “Grandma Moses.”

Lifelong friend of Liz’s great aunt, Geneva uses only fabric given to her to make 100 quilts for the needy. Liz labels them “Outsider Art.” As nontraditional as her topic, Liz studied great art in Europe and taught English in Mongolia. Re-entering American academia, Liz must learn about today’s quilting revolution. She befriends and interviews Geneva, reunites with her family, and balances two new men in her life.

Almost as quirky as Liz, author June Calender (a quilter for 40 years), travels widely — including to Mongolia and Tibet. She is the author of the travel book, Phantom Voices in Tibet (2003). She has written many “Off Broadway” plays, some have been produced as far off Broadway as Alaska. She lives on Cape Cod and teaches “Telling Stories” at the Academy for Lifelong Learning.

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