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The Gift of Tongues Untied, by Kendall Blanchard

Rollie Hudson, a gifted musician, grows up amidst a tumultuous community of fervent Pentecostals whose ecstatic tongues and holy-spirit-inspired antics both mesmerize and unsettle him.

Music becomes Rollie’s refuge, offering solace from the chaos and restrictions of his upbringing, yet he remains tethered to his past. His journey to fame is riddled with challenges, tragedies, ideological conflicts, and turbulent romances. As a songwriter and performer, he grapples with identity and navigates a career where his stardom serves as a platform to champion progressive causes and expose the pitfalls of radical conservatism and Evangelical politics.

Rollie’s ascent from obscurity to global recognition is shadowed by uncertainty, risky ventures, family strife, and unresolved mysteries. Eventually, the occultic ties that bind tongues to the unknown unravel, revealing the fabricated mystique underlying glossolalia.

His story, while uniquely his own, offers a poignant first-person narrative familiar to many who have wrestled with breaking free from the social and ideological shackles of their past.

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