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The Great Unfixables, by Neil Taylor

“Phenomenal. Transcends Christian / secular divide.” – Soong-Chan

Hope is a verb shaped like a ball.

It can easily find movement by a child or an adult.

Hope is the go between faith and love. It is the action part of faith to help us move in the direction of love. St. Paul declared these three remain: faith, hope and love. Hoping against hope simply means there’s little reason to have hope. It can feel naive.

The question I’ve had to ask myself is, “What would I do if I was hopeful?” I’m too familiar with what I do when worried or anxious. But what would I do if I were hopeful?

I’ve been surprised again and again with the creativity of my answers. I began to live in a way that felt like I could breathe again rather than finding myself out of breath.

My story is a painful one filled with moments of wonder. Wonder is omnipresent, although we may be ignorant of its presence. Choosing hope has the possibilities of opening our eyes to discover the wonder and may transform our fears and unfixables.

My hope is that you’ll find courage to try.

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