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The House at 104: Memoir of a Childhood, by Anne Hegnauer

Take a romp through life in The House at #104: Memoir of a Childhood by Anne Hegnauer.  The house lives in Akron, Ohio in the mid-20th century. Love flows through its veins and music provides its heartbeat.

The McDonald Family with eleven children goes from room to room creating mischief and mayhem. From the search of the attic for the elusive witch to the “roller dome” in the basement, you will see dancing in the dining room and beer in the bathroom. Visit the kitchen where the science project goes very, very wrong. 

Music floats down the street and “Crazy Nick” croons a tune. Find out how this Irish Catholic family with eleven kids gets invited to join the Akron Jewish Center and who dies in the big bedroom with games on the floor. 

Come take a tour through the big house at #104!

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