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The Ideological and Political System of Banselism, by Royard Halmonet Vantion (Ancheng Wang)

Once given the opportunity, everyone can be retrained.

In the future wherein automation is popularized on a large scale, more opportunities will occur without increased inflation. It is necessary to hold opportunities before they are written into history books because once they have been written, those who figure out what they are have basically lost these opportunities: as history books, in most cases, are only a record of what has passed.

In The Ideological and Political System of Banselism by Ancheng Wang we experience the future, including where the whole human civilization will live in the upcoming future, what opportunities there will be, and how to hold them more efficiently. This book also illustrates why inflation and unemployment will not increase even if AI replaces normal and manual labor. Meanwhile, it explains why proletariat will be upskilled into other new social classes who are highly wealthy and thereby act in the best interest of the capitalist class more efficiently. This book also explains the way of protecting egalitarianism, including gender equality, and how to help developing countries protect freedom and democracy without applying Marxist methodology, and why people will evolve into God eventually.

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