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The Jazz Funeral, by Debbie Fox

In the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans, three fractured lives converge, their paths intertwining amidst the echoes of tragedy and the promise of redemption.

Onious Frye, a struggling musician with a heart as tender as his melodies, grapples with love’s failures and the weight of financial ruin. His world collides with Kiara Hyde, a gospel singer seeking solace from a past marred by abuse, her arrival in the city unleashing unforeseen chaos.

Meanwhile, beneath the city’s bridges, Quinn O’Leary, a mute teenager haunted by the ghost of Hurricane Katrina, navigates a realm of solitude and secrecy. Bound by their shared silence, Quinn and Kiara forge an unlikely bond amidst the rhythms of a city steeped in magic and music. As their fates intertwine, they confront a whirlwind of emotions: from love and betrayal to the shadows of voodoo and the specter of racial injustice.

In The Jazz Funeral, their stories intertwine in a symphony of intimacy and indifference, where the power of music becomes both their salvation and their undoing. Rich with the tapestry of New Orleans, explore the depths of human connection in a world haunted by loss and illuminated by the healing power of song.

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