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The Mayari Chronicles: Initium, by Karen McLain

Junius twenty-second was an important day for the Ameryk family, though not in the way Medious or Dezalik thought. They believed Dezalik would be the only one starting a new life as an Artemi. They had no idea Medious would be called early to join as well.

With Medious being born with the rarest of eye colors, life would never be easy for her. Many Mayarians still feared the peach-eyed as being ‘marked by infernum’, especially when they have the Iracundia venom in their veins. But how could such a sweet girl cause the end of the world?

As the next chapter of her life begins, Medious must learn to get along with her team at the guild. This is made more difficult as she falls for one of her teammates. Everyone can see that they love each other, but Laisren has secrets that he needs to keep hidden from Medious.

Medious must also figure out how to deal with other students attacking her because of her eyes. They believe they must prove she is evil and they have to find a way to get rid of her. How can she deal with the stress of study and training while also handling those who are bent on destroying her before it’s too late?

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