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The Me in Motherhood, by Flow Belinsky

The writer and the mother, the wild woman and the domestic goddess, the freedom seeker and the community craver— perpetually poised as opposites within me. In this moment, I’m ok with that.”

Selflessness is celebrated in motherhood… but mothers have selves too, with needs and dreams of their own, beyond their roles as parents.

A deep feeler and free-thinker, Flow Belinsky writes her way through the challenges of mom life to rediscover her sense of self. Through her poetic grace and gritty honesty, Flow encourages us to grow beyond the outdated paradigms of motherhood and into a new culture— one where moms are truly supported and celebrated for all that they are.

The Me in Motherhood is an honest, insightful and heart-felt memoir of growing through mom-guilt and martyrdom into real self-expression and fulfillment.

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