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The Muse In A Time Of Madness, by Francis Flavin

The Muse in a Time of Madness is an epic with the historical detail and settings of Edward Rutherfurd’s Russka. It is more than a journey of escape and vengeance. It is a timeless tale of self-discovery, of love and freedom lost, and regained. It is a chronicle of sacrifice and determination. The book will appeal to aficionados of historical fiction, yet has enough terror, torture, forbidden love, lust, and political intrigue to delight mainstream fiction readers. The refugees experience forbidden love, death, despair, abduction, romantic fulfillment and salvation. Petr, the band’s leader is influenced by a beautiful and mystical muse who warns of impending dangers and guides them ever eastward. This once sheltered and sensitive icon artist becomes a leader and warrior to protect his sister, his love and the remnants of Novgorodian society.

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