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The Mystical Symphony: A Memoir of Healing, Vision, and Wonder, by Judith E. Bowen

“I notice a Bible and some books on a small table in the front of the church. I think I’ll just read and settle into a pew. Suddenly, I’m not sitting on a hard pew. I’m in some other space, a place where I have never been before. It glows, shimmers. I’m suddenly wrapped and pulled into a Presence. It feels as though the whole church is now filled with this Presence. I’m held by a golden, shimmering light. I am With Him…”

Judith Bowen’s first vision appeared when she was fifteen. It carried her out of the pew and into a space she had never experienced, forming the foundation of a mystical quest that continues to call her to know more, to explore our relationship with nature and our Creator, and to discover a deeper understanding of the connection between all living things. Profoundly influenced by the work and music of the mystic Hildegard von Bingen, Bowen went on to find inspiration in the music of nature, ultimately knowing that her gift was to be a healer.

In these pages, Judith shares her insights on how we all can find the mystical in our daily lives. We are all creators in our relationships and the sense of reverence we bring to every moment is a way to honor our dance with our Creator.

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