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The Odyssey of Mrs. Naomi Billingsley, by Sally Stevens

Come with us on the magical journey of the sweetly insane and delusional Mrs. Naomi Billingsley, who has created fantastic, magical and delightful fantasies to break the humdrum existence of her daily midwestern life. She decides to share them with her psychiatrist, who comes to believe he’s found the unusual patient that will make him famous.

In the world of Mrs. Naomi Billingsley, illogical, colorful experiences begin to manifest, with evidence that suggests perhaps some of her stories actually have taken place. This also raises the question of whose world her psychiatrist is actually living in – his own world, or his patient’s – and results in an eventual reversal of their two roles.

Naomi Billingsley is a most engaging, slightly disturbed but delightful character, and every chapter’s story is a world of its own. Things eventually turn out well – even the alarming bullet wound in her forehead that her psychiatrist can’t help noticing upon her arrival to his office, in one of her early visits.

Mrs. Billingsley’s life gradually morphs back into a realistic, grounded world where she has gained the confidence needed to face the challenges. And there are challenges to face …one of which culminates in an utterly unexpected twist.

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