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The Power of an Atlas, by Sardul Singh Minhas

A rags-to-success story of a poor boy in India who, inspired by an atlas, studied hard, immigrated to the U.S. and made impressive contributions to America.

The memoir tells how a US atlas set in motion an eleven-year-old boy’s dream of one day immigrating to America. Armed with a PhD in engineering from Notre Dame, his career trajectory – marked with one setback – takes him to the upper rungs of corporate America. Despite some run-ins with racist anti-immigrant sentiment in his personal life, he embraces his American identity and the American ideal of democracy.

“If anyone has forgotten the real story of American exceptionalism, The Power of an Atlas will be a marvelous reminder. Sardul Minhas’s life between India and America is a tale of aspiration, innovation, commitment, and achievement. It is an inspiringly representative look at what is possible in the United States, and at the spirit that can renew it-” James Fallows, the American writer and journalist.

SARDUL SINGH MINHAS has published fourteen opinion pieces, in newspapers such as The Washington Examiner, The Orange County Register, and The New Indian Express. He has a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Anaheim Hills, California with his wife.

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