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The ranting and raving of a blithering idiot: and by the way GOD is alive and well but is concerned, by Harry Soothsayer

Composed of many items taken from the blog “Harry Soothsayer Good Oil,” this book offers amusement and questions the goings-on in our purposefully constructed fragile society, in some cases with a tongue-in-cheek, humorous slant and a message to the astute.

Harry Soothsayer’s first book gives a bit of insight into the author’s thoughts on many matters. Contains snippets taken from the writings of “Harry Soothsayer Good Oil,” a blog written over the years that talk about passive enslavement of the population, drugs, the creation of money from nothing, politicians, warfare, asymmetric warfare, submarines, jokes, time and space, transferal of self, and most other subjects that affect our lives and, of course, God.

The blog expands on comments made in the book and maybe a little more controversial by taking the reasoning to a different level.

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