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The Red, by N Ford

Dreams change and generations collide in the second installment of the Refuge Trilogy.

The Red by N. Ford follows Matthew as he embarks on another journey in search of his family’s hidden truths. Meanwhile, Faith steps into leading the mutinied and war-torn Diamond Isles, while in Agon, Issachar and Amora diverge in their responses to Eden’s death, further destabilizing their already fragile world. In Zoar, Jude and Jonathan face their most profound challenge yet, and a new timeline emerges to reveal the next generation to walk the Refuge’s crimson-stained deck.

Readers will traverse the lonely road of grief, bask in the joy of new life, savor the beauty of love’s reinvention, be moved by the courage of sacrifice, and discover the power of hope in the darkest of nights.

Join this mission, where determined minds and passionate souls cast off the anchor with the courage to lose sight of land and the strength to push back any horizon that threatens to stop them.

The wisdom to listen. The courage to act. This is the Refuge.