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The Refuge, by N Ford

In a world that has ever only known war, generations still swing their swords on whispers of conflict from centuries past.

In Physis, the law of the land is ‘every territory for itself.’ Lineage is everything; racial identification is paramount; and territory loyalty is the code by which one lives or dies. But when a few individuals decide the given system isn’t working, everything begins to change.

What will happen to the world when inherited authority is questioned; when standards of judgement are re-evaluated; and when independent thinkers redefine purpose for a new generation of leaders?

In The Refuge, by N. Ford, readers travel from the snowy mountain estates of The Diamond Isles to the clay arenas of a warrior’s life in Agon. They sail the Physis Sea, chasing mystery and meaning, and swim in the clear pool at the bottom of the Western Bay. Readers will meet love, loss, and sacrifice anew, while discovering what purpose can do when it’s authentic and hard-won.

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