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The Testament, by S Lee Glick

A down-on-his-luck writer. The opportunity of a lifetime. A book to die for…

Simon desperately desires to transform his life from impoverished schoolteacher to celebrated horror author. So he thinks he’s won the lottery when his bestselling uncle dies and wills him an unfinished scary manuscript. But he doesn’t realize his scheming wealthy cousins will go to any lengths to prevent him from writing, “The End.”

As he pours his soul into the ghoulish script, Simon senses threatening forces and ghostly figures haunting his every move. And after he survives a brutal attack, he fears it’s just a matter of time before evil incarnate returns for his blood—and his words.

Can Simon finish the morbid masterpiece, or is he only crafting his own epitaph?

The Testament is a blood-curdling paranormal mystery novel. If you like dark noir, creeping suspense, and shocking surprises, then you’ll love Stephen Glick’s spectral tale.

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