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The Texan: Harrowing, by Daniel Olivarez

U.S. mercenary Darrell Ford believed he had witnessed everything life could throw at him. As a soldier of fortune with the codename “D,” he spent his entire career tackling a variety of challenges – from government seizures to terrorists and war criminals. However, his next assignment in Australia will prove to be unlike anything he’s faced before – a realm of demons and monsters.

Armed with only his pistol, bowie knife, and his trusty cowboy hat, D uncovers a plot so vast that he may need assistance to thwart it in time. Plagued by vivid dreams and mysterious voices calling out to him, D, alongside his newfound allies Roger Blarnsworth and Australian Federal Detective Sergeant Jonathan O’Hara, must break down the barriers of evil to save countless lives hanging in the balance.

Get ready for a pulse-pounding adventure as they navigate through the shadows, revealing a sinister conspiracy that could change the fate of humanity forever. Will D and his team be able to stop the impending threat, or will the hell down under consume them all?

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