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The Traveler: Quest for the Twins, by Frank Schütz

After growing up in the isolated Western Mountains, Aylon finally ventures out to explore the unfamiliar lowlands in search of her missing aunt and uncle, who vanished when she was just a child. Despite her initial insistence on going alone, she finds unexpected support in “The Traveler,” who volunteers to guide her through the perilous territories inhabited by diverse lowland Peoples.

Little does Aylon know that her search will soon transform into a quest to rescue her kidnapped cousins, embroiling all the lands in the tumultuous events of the era. As tensions escalate, even Aylon’s own people are compelled to choose sides, forcing her to reexamine all that she believes about her purpose in life.

Join Aylon on her journey as she discovers her true place in the Land, navigating the complexities of different cultures and grappling with the undeniable unity that binds all peoples together.

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