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The Two-Blood Lion, by Nick Westfield

The son of two warring races, Leo Sakellarios lives on the ragged edge of an empire.

Leo’s father and mother speak of a love that crossed battle lines, but when Leo learns the truth of his parents’ meeting, his world is shattered. After uncovering secrets from his family’s past, Leo is thrust into adventures not of his own making. Although these take him far away from home, through war and deadly peril, the fight of Leo’s life proves to be the one between duty to his family’s legacy and his desire for a new life.

The Two-Blood Lion explores life in the blurred lines between nations. In the gray between the black and white of rival empires, trust is gained through shared hardship instead of shared blood. Through the lens of Leo’s coming of age, the reader experiences bonds of family, friendship, and love that are forged, tempered, and broken by war and conflict.

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