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The Undertow of Healing, by Katia Miyamoto

In the scorching heat of Destin, Florida, a tangled web of secrets threatens to unravel both friendships and lives.

A year has passed since the tragic death of Callista Kobb, Destin’s once-golden girl, and the town still bears the scars of the event. Avery Hill, her former best friend, struggles with a year-long state of depression, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets River Aviera, someone with his own enigmatic past. Meanwhile, Andres McQueen, esteemed captain of the town’s swim team, is tormented by a dangerous secret that weighs heavily on his conscience— one he’s been hiding for too long. When the topic of Callista’s death is re-opened by ambitious aspiring journalist, Akemi Ito, the once-buried secrets resurface, threatening to shatter the fragile peace in Destin.

In the Undertow of Healing, a pivotal choice emerges: to leave the past behind without closure or to confront the haunting memories head-on. As the fiery summer unfolds and friendships fray, the long-concealed truths hidden beneath the surface just might prove that some doors are better left unopened.

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