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The Unexpected Aneurysm of the Potato Blossom Queen, by Garrett Socol

With an offbeat sense of humor, Garrett Socol delves into the lives of seemingly ordinary women and the secrets that lurk beneath their pristine surfaces. Whether it’s a neglected wife seeking revenge on her cheating husband or a female electrician who deliberately causes power failures or an attorney confronting her childhood rapist thirty years later, each story is charged with vivid language, heartbreaking truth, and a touch of quirky, sometimes macabre humor.

The stories range from the deeply unsettling (“Looking For Last Year”) 

to the absurdly humorous (“Island Envy”) to everything in between. There’s a wonderfully warped yet entirely honest portrayal of the human condition on display. The female protagonists are anxiety-ridden, unpredictable and flawed, but they refuse to give in or give up. In her chaotic universe, each woman faces challenges that are fierce, funny and often traumatic. And yes, you’ll find a couple of male protagonists along for the ride, too.

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