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The View From My Window, by Patricia J. Gallegos

Willow has dedicated her two-and-twenty years apprenticed to a renowned shaman. The wheels of change have been set in motion, just as the oracle predicted they would. Her people have scattered to the four winds as anti-Romani tension flares, wagons are burned, and lives are destroyed. Trade, once the livelihood of Willow’s nomadic family, has now become too dangerous.

The marauders have returned, and this time, someone in her innermost circle is targeted and attacked. As her training comes to an end, Willow must shoulder the mantle of lead shaman. Determined to keep her loved ones safe, Willow agrees to journey to an unknown land to care for a gravely ill sovereign. As a lead shaman, Willow is a confident and skilled healer, but affairs of the heart are uncharted territory. Will forbidden romance in the palace cost her everything?

In Patricia J. Gallegos’ The View from My Window, we take a fantastic journey through violence, wisdom, and love, and we will come to root hard for Willow. After all, the fate of her people rests squarely on her shoulders.

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