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The Weber House, by Mark Lance

“Mark Lance has breathed fresh life into the buried treasure yarn with two appealing girl friends, a newbie in town and a Native American, dealing with a haunted house, school bullies and a dangerous modern pirate in a fast-paced thriller that leads to a cinematic conclusion. Great fun.”
Robert Lipsyte
Author of many fiction and non-fiction books for adult and young readers. His many awards include the Meyer Berger Award for Distinguished Reporting (Columbia Journalism School), the ALAN Award for Contributions to Young Adult Literature and the Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement (American Library Association).

” . . . one of those stories you don’t want to put down. Two young girls become close friends despite coming from different ways of life. I highly recommend this book . . .an excellent read . . . very enjoyable.

Chief Richard Menard, Missisquoi Abenaki Nation

Saying goodbye to her eighth-grade friends was bad enough. But moving into an abandoned house in a run-down town on the Maine seacoast? And the locals say it’s haunted? You’ve got to be kidding.

Knowing nobody in her new surroundings, Nicole Kelly is befriended by another outcast, a classmate fiercely proud of her Native American heritage. Rejecting prejudice and superstition in favor of science and logic, the girls team up to search for a legendary treasure. They apply math and science lessons in centuries-old tunnels and on the Atlantic Ocean. But this is no game. Someone else, armed not with theorems but rather an assassin’s knife, is also searching, and watching their every move. The girls think they are hunters. In fact, they are the prey.

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