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The Witches of Blood Harbor, by Nathan Guardian

Six years since they began training in the dark arts.

Six years since they watched their mother die.

Six years since they stopped a killer.

Now he’s back, but everything has changed, for the ruins of his evil cannot be undone.

This time, Mary and her sisters face a new breed of enemy- the monsters of Salem and beyond, ordinary people consumed by hatred, having condemned the sisters straight to hell.

The sisters must reunite and become even craftier than before, for the odds are stacked against them. It’s three against the world, but these three have already endured the horrors of war.

Mary has evolved into a formidable leader-a spiritual warrior and an unyielding witch with powers that could reshape the very fabric of the world. Join her as she leads her sisters on a perilous journey through a world filled with malevolence, where the fate of not just her family, but the entire country, hangs in the balance.

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