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The Witching Hour, by Ashley Skolrud

Once upon a time, there were stories…

Cinderella’s elusive glass slipper, Rapunzel’s cascading locks, and the Miller’s Daughter’s remarkable ability to transform straw into gold—all of these elements are interwoven in the tapestry of magical kingdoms. Yet, every fairy tale is incomplete without a malevolent antagonist, someone so wicked that they will stop at nothing to disrupt the path to happily ever after. Or so the people of these magical realms have been led to believe.

Within the pages of The Witching Hour, the veil is lifted and the enchanting world of fairy tales is brought to life once again, revealing the untold narratives of the notorious and allowing infamous villains to reclaim their voices and share the forgotten side of these timeless tales.

This captivating exploration serves as a poignant reminder that every story has two perspectives, shedding light on the complexity and nuance often overlooked by history. Prepare to be captivated by the revelations of these shadowy figures as they unveil the untold truths behind the beloved fairy tales we thought we knew so well.

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