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They’re Not Here to Save Us, by M.P. Kidd

In a post-apocalyptic world devastated by the War and Blackout, humanity is thrust into lawlessness. A century later, a young wanderer named Catch-It roams the wooded region of Arla (formerly North America) with three crucial objectives: survival, reuniting with his sister Peregrine, and avoiding the dangerous Recruits whenever possible.

Although the Recruits are rumored to possess magical powers capable of restoring humanity’s lost potential, Catch-It knows all too well that their interventions often lead to pain and suffering. When an order compels Catch-It to report to a bell tower for recruitment, he faces a critical choice: obey the summons and surrender to the unknown or forge his own path. During his arduous journey, Catch-It encounters Penny, a gun-wielding survivalist, and together they uncover a perilous truth about the Recruits that could prove fatal: they are not here to save us.

In this gripping tale of survival and self-discovery, Catch-It and Penny navigate a treacherous world, grappling with their own desires for safety and the pursuit of truth. As they unravel the dark secret of the Recruits, they must confront the difficult choice between submission and resistance, knowing that the fate of their shattered world hangs in the balance.

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